Thursday, January 20, 2011

remembering a wonderful season

Two new bags for equitation reserve championships.

Look who wandered in! ;)

Mom and I, looking glam!

Sarah and I.

Rachel, Kate, Sarah, Kristine and Jessie.

Brady helps me show off our winning duds.

Mike, Mollie and I.

Sarah, Kristine, Holly, Lauren and Mike.

Rachel, Sarah and Kristine.

Sophie, Jessie and Anna.

Me, Kate and our new trainer Rachel.

The whole Triple Rise group!

Nathan, (baby) and I, all dressed up!

Banquet was great! Great food, great company, heels from hell...haha. It sure was a great evening! Made my heart ache just a little to think that I won't be much a part of that world next year, but with any luck, I'll be cheering my friends on with an adorable baby boy in a front pack! Bring on the outdoor shows!